Travel booking – flight and hotel white label Website

Best White Label Travel Booking Website
with flight and hotel booking

Are you looking for making money, by work from home. Anybody with basic knowledge in internet can easily start an online flight and hotel comparison and booking website, and earn decent return. We is one of the best example! Check how the system is working in If you are impressed, read more!

We will help you setup a website, where visitors can compare the price and book flights & hotels worldwide with your white label program. 

Moreover, your travel portal can offer more competitive prices than other leading online travel booking websites. Most importantly we are offering the true earning potential – not any kind of magic tricks or fluff.

Get your own White Label Travel Booking Portal.
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How is it possible?

We will set up a high converting white label travel web site under your own brand, which has a guaranteed competitive price offering. By visiting sample portal, you can easily find the way how the website works. If you ever looked to earn money online with affiliate marketing then this is your best chance to do so.

Who can join with this programme?

Anybody with a website or blog can easily start earning with travel white label. If you don’t have, we will help to set up one for you. Bloggers, SEO, SMM specialists, social media and digital marketers can also start white label website. If you have basic computer knowledge and good in internet, you can be an affiliate of Rover Bear white label program.  Anybody with a passion to setup their own space in the digital world can easily start this program without any prior experience or technical knowledge.

Travel booking - flight and hotel white label Website

Travel booking – flight and hotel white label Website

We Provide Custom designs for your White label portal

If you are looking for a custom design for your white label website we will provide you beautiful designs with your views and interest. Please let us know your requirements, we will send you the least quote we can work together.

Tell us Your Site Design Needs

Highest Earnings

Besides that, the guaranteed highest earnings on travel industry is the best attraction on our whitelabel portal.

Average Earnings:

  • On Flight Booking : 3 – 5 USD / Booking
  • On Hotel Booking :  10 – 20 USD / Booking

* The above indicates average earnings based on a 250$ – 300$ booking.

We offer the best ever affiliate earnings in the history of travel marketing!

Example of earnings from a white label travel booking white label wesite

Competitive Price
As you can see in the demo website your white label booking engine is highly competitive compared to major travel booking websites in the market because our search engine searches on hundreds of market leading websites and airline portals and finds the least price to list in the search results. So flight and hotel prices are highly COMPETITIVE!

We don’t have any Magic Buttons!
RoverBear travel white label setup is a pure quality service. We are not practicing with any kind of easy money magic like ‘Make Money in 24 Hrs’ etc.  To get booking through our portal and start earn commission, we need to increase the number of visitors.

For this, we need to fill our website with rich content & implement best SEO practices. With the increase in the number of visitors our income will also increase for sure.

There are two ways the visitors can come to a website: Paid ads and Organic Search (SEO)

Advanced features included in all white label travel portals


Order your own custom travel website – Pricing

Starter – $150

  • Flight Search Engine & Hotel Search Engine
  • Run on your main domain
  • Speed Optimized
  • SEO Optimized

Pro – $400

  • Run on your main domain
  • Speed Optimized
  • SEO Optimized
  • Main set up on subdomain (better for SEO)
  • WordPress Integration

Business – $900

  • Run on your main domain
  • Speed Optimized
  • SEO Optimized
  • Main set up on subdomain (better for SEO)
  • WordPress Integration
  • WordPress Design